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Digital Signatures

Nimbus Portal Solutions’ cloud based document management system features hassle-free digital signing software to save you time and boost effectiveness. Use our digital signature software to sign all your documents in the cloud (no downloading scanning or uploading required). Where a traditional ink signature may be copied from one document to another, our digital signature system is a powerful and secure way of recording acceptance of documentation by binding a verified digital identity to a document. Digitally signing documents is convenient, fast and makes them far more tamper-proof compared to their ink and print counterparts.

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Digital Signature Software For All Your Documents

Nimbus Portal Solutions cloud based DMS incorporates powerful time saving features into its digital signature system:

Register your personal identification with Nimbus – setting up digital signatures is easy and protected by a PIN code unique to you to prevent unauthorised signing on your behalf.

Clients and staff can sign PDF documents – Once a document has been signed, it can no longer be changed, but additional people can still sign it.

Individual or multiple signatories per document – Nimbus’ digital signing software features support one or more signatories depending on your signing requirements.

Unlimited signatures available to all users – Your monthly subscription includes an unlimited number of digital signatures at no additional cost. Why pay more for a separate digital signing solution when Nimbus offers you unlimited digital signatures.

To switch to digital document signatures get started now, or request a demo to learn more about how Nimbus can improve document signing in your business or organisation.

Save Your Business Significant Time with Digital Signature Software

Digital signing software helps you streamline document handling and management in your organisation, saving you significant amounts of time in the process.

Bulk sending – Securely share multiple documents, rather than one by one and save time.

Automatic document workflow – define processes and stages that your documents need to go through prior to publishing allowing staff to track a document’s status.

Dashboard tracking for signatures – see whether your documents have been signed as required in one single place.

Automatic reminders and notifications – save yourself the hassle of having to manually notify your clients when they have documents to review or sign – Nimbus will automatically send reminder notifications if a document is not signed when required.

Save yourself, your business, and your clients a significant amount of time by switching to digital document signing with Nimbus today. Click here to get started, or request a demo now to learn more.

Image of laptop screen | Featured image for Digital Signing Software - Digital Signature Software Feature Page
Image of laptop screen | Featured image for Digital Signing Software - Digital Signature Software Feature Page

Digital Signature Software Makes It Easy to Sign Documents Anywhere, Anytime

Sign on any mobile or desktop device – with Nimbus, you have the same freedom to sign your documents anywhere, anytime, just like you are used to with pen and paper.

Smart signature setup wizard – makes it easy to get started even if you have little to no prior experience with a digital signature system.

Authorise signature with pin code security – a private personal identification number prevents unauthorised users from digitally signing documents on your behalf.

Auto-return document to the sender when signed – saves you the trouble of following up with clients who forget to return their signed documents to you.

Electronically sign documents from any mobile or desktop device, anywhere and anytime by getting started with Nimbus now. Request a demo today to learn more.

More Features and Benefits...

Choose one of 3 signature types – choose one that best suits your needs and matches your preferences.

Drag and drop or use fixed signature blocks – for easy, hassle-free signing with just a few clicks.

Link contacts to specific signature blocks – keeping contact information alongside signatures guides your clients to the exact location requiring a signature. Quickly recognise exactly who has signed your documents with Nimbus’ help.

Auto-populate document details with merge fields – making it fast and convenient to fill out your documents with prefilled information.

Document comments – leave remarks, request changes, or just take quick notes with integrated document commenting available with Nimbus.

Personalised branding – gives you all the convenience of signing documents digitally, without sacrificing your unique look and feel for generic looking forms.

Ability to retract documents shared for signing – allows you to withdraw documents for amendments if necessary.

To take advantage of these and more features, get started with Nimbus today. To learn about other ways in which we can help your business or organisation manage its documents, request a demo now.

What our clients have to say

Find out what our clients think of Nimbus’ digital signing software features.

“Nimbus has saved us time in printing and scanning, paper and postage. In has also increased the productivity of our team.”
Bongiorno Group

“The fact that Nimus integrates with Xero and automatically updates email addresses and client details has been a life-saver for us. From an administrative point of view, Nimbus saves us 70% of time. It is a huge cost saving!”
Monteck Carter

“Checklists at the beginning of each financial year was a huge expense with administration time, paper costs, editing of word documents and also having paper information to collate, file and/or scan into our system. Nimbus Webform Checklists have made this more efficient and cost-effective.”
Gilligan Sheppard

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Digital Signatures and How Do They Work?

Digital signatures work by demonstrating that a message or document has remained the same since it was signed. This is accomplished by creating a unique algorithm of the message or document and encrypting it with the sender’s unique and private key.

What is Digital Signing Software?

It is the digital signature of someone that is used to confirm the authenticity and soundness of a document or message signed in electronic form.

What Software Can I Use to Sign Documents?

Use the digitally signing features in our cloud based DMS to improve your team's effectiveness and efficiency.

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