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Integrations to make life easier

Integrating Nimbus with your CRM software gives you one point of maintenance.

Maintain and make changes in your CRM system and all changes are then synchronised with Nimbus.

For Professional Businesses:

Nimbus is suitable for Auditors, Consultancy, Construction, Finance, Legal, or any business who needs to store documents in the Cloud.

 Extend integration options to include CRM systems including:

For Accountants:

Extend integration options to include various Practice Management and Document Management systems including:

and any Open SQL database.

Open API:

Nimbus also integrates with a number of other products via an open API.  These include:

Account Kit, ATOMate and FuseDocs.

Click on the individual logos to see further integration details.

Open API

Nimbus offers an extensive open API for use by third parties to do such things as syncing Clients and Contacts from Nimbus and downloading and uploading documents. Please contact Nimbus Technical Support for further information.

The Common Document

The Common Document refers to the ability to be able to share and sign a single document in the cloud between both the Business and their Client. Thus there is no uploading, downloading, duplicating, or sharing of the document out to third party digital document providers / or portal provider. By using the Nimbus API, third parties can integrate and leverage the Nimbus Common Document.

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