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Cloud Document Management

Nimbus will significantly improve how you manage documents and paper trails in your business with its cloud document management software features. Create a truly paperless office system in your organisation with Nimbus’ cloud based document management.

Choose Nimbus as the cloud document management software solution for your business or organisation. Get started now, or book a demo today to learn more about how Nimbus Portal Solutions can help you improve document handling in your company, saving you time and money in the process.

Your Ultimate Paperless Office System

Nimbus’ cloud document management software features deliver a cost-effective, state-of-the-art paperless office system with all the features you could expect from a modern cloud based document management solution.    

Manage your documents with ease – Nimbus includes dynamic views to allow you smooth collaboration between users while maintaining confidentiality, easy to create documents from pre-defined templates, filtering, and sorting features in a flexible, user-friendly interface.

Unlimited and secure cloud storage – You never have to worry about running out of document storage space again.

File conversations and collaboration – Streamline how your team members collaborate on documents, keeping everything in one convenient place.

Unlimited digital signatures – Safe and secure digital signatures are protected by your own personal PIN code. Signed documents cannot be changed, but they may be signed by other people.  Why pay for an additional digital signing solution when Nimbus provides unlimited digital signatures as part of your subscription?

Save Your Business Significant Amounts of Time

Cloud document management software functionality included in Nimbus can significantly improve how you and your team work with your business documents, streamlining your cycle of work and speeding up your processes, saving you time along the way. Make your entire document archive searchable by switching to a paperless filing system. 

Powerful search function – In Nimbus, every word in every document is fully indexed to enable searches, including PDF and Tag Image File Format (TIFF) files, allowing you to carry out powerful searches across the entire database or just search within specific areas such as individual client files.

Document template management – Enabling you to create a set of standardised business documents. You can also upload your existing document templates when you start with Nimbus, meaning you do not have to start from scratch.

Automatic version control – Nimbus uses a fully versioned file system for comprehensive, automatic file revisioning. Track changes and updates easily so you can spend time finishing your project.

One-click publishing – In Nimbus, the documents can be published with just one click, making them immediately available for the client to view. Once a document is published, your client receives an e-mail alert including a secure link to the file for their attention.

Everything in One Central Place

Moving to a paperless filing system allows you to eliminate the handling of endless reams of paper. You will never misplace a document again with everything stored in one central place and supported by the powerful document indexing and search features included in Nimbus. 

Online viewing and editing – Nimbus gives you the ability to edit your documents online, directly in the cloud. You will no longer need to go back to the office to amend your documents after meeting with a client. Instead, make changes right in front of your clients, publish with one click and give them the option to sign off right there, on the spot.

Microsoft Office integration – Nimbus will integrate directly into the Office 365 suite of tools you already trust and are familiar with. Collaborate on documents with your staff or teammates directly in the cloud, using the tools you already know and are proficient in.

Microsoft Outlook e-mail integration – You can save your e-mails to our cloud based document management system with just a few clicks. You can also give your clients the ability to make online appointments directly with you by linking your Outlook calendar and allocating dedicated client time in your week, allowing your contacts to book meetings with you when it is convenient.

Permanent archive with auto-archiving – You decide when your documents are automatically archived. Nimbus includes unlimited document storage where nothing gets deleted, making older documents retrievable when needed.

Even More Features and Benefits!

Nimbus is much more than just a paperless filing system. Choose your plan and get started today to take advantage of these cloud document management software features:

Nimbus uses the Common Document principle, so there are not multiple copies of the same document floating around and causing conflicts or loss of work

Full-text keyword search

Drag-and-drop document to copy and move them

Avoid confusing editing and version issues with our document checkout and check-in facility

Automated file sync with local file store for the convenience and flexibility to work anywhere

Folder template creation and management

Custom fields, user definable document meta data

PDF manipulation – append files, re-arrange pages, apply custom stamps

Custom views and various display modes

Staff and team-based folder access security

Staff and team-based workflow facilities with e-mail notifications

What our clients have to say

You do not have to just take our word for it. Here’s what people like you, who are already using our cloud document management software, are saying about Nimbus. Many businesses just like yours are benefitting from using our paperless filing system.

“We found that Nimbus has significantly more features than our previous document system. I would highly recommend Nimbus if you are looking for a cloud based solution.”
Gold Group Consulting

“We initially bought Nimbus to solve our GDPR problem, but now that we know what it really can do, we love it!”
Number Crunchers (Sheffield)

“What we love about Nimbus is the visibility it gives us over our documents.”

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