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Cloud Document Management

Your Ultimate Paperless Office

Manage your documents with ease

Unlimited secure cloud storage

File conversations & collaboration

Unlimited digital signatures

Save your Business Significant Time

Powerful search function

Document template management

Automatic version control

One-click publishing

Everything in one Central Place

Online viewing and editing

Microsoft Office integration

MS Outlook email integration

Permanent archive with auto-archiving

More Features and Benefits...

Nimbus uses the Common Document principle, so there are no multiple copies of the same document floating around causing conflicts and loss of work

Full-text keyword search

Drag-and-drop file upload facility

Drag-and-drop documents to copy / move

Document checkout / check-in facility

Automated file sync with local file store

Folder template creation and management

User defined document meta data (custom fields)

PDF manipulation, append files, rearrange pages, apply custom stamps

Custom views and various display modes

Staff / Team based folder access security

Staff / Team document workflow facilities with email notifications

What our clients have to say

“We found that Nimbus has significantly more features than our previous document system. I would highly recommend Nimbus if you are looking for a cloud based solution.”
Gold Group Consulting

“We initially bought Nimbus to solve our GDPR problem, but now that we know what it really can do, we love it!”
Number Crunchers (Sheffield)

“What we love about Nimbus is the visibility it gives us over our documents.”

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