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ProAdvice runs their Practice with Xero and Nimbus
4 GREAT Features for Automating your Document Management with Xero and Nimbus
Gold Group gives Thumbs Up for Nimbus

A case study with Gold Group Consulting, Gold Coast, Australia.   We sat down with Stephen Hodgkinson, Partner of Gold Group, to talk about their journey with Nimbus so far.

| Posted by Marleze Scheepers
Kintsugi - The Golden Veins Of Disruption

In Japan, the art form of Kintsugi recognises the beauty in broken things. Instead of throwing away the broken pieces of a treasured item, the skilled practitioner will painstakingly repair and restore, welding and gluing with precious metals, reinvigorating and reviving the object with a luminescence, making it worth more than it ever was.  

| Posted by Marleze Scheepers
Electronic Signatures to Empower a Remote Workforce

In the long-forgotten pre-Covid world, Digital Signature and Cloud Document Management solutions were considered a “nice to have” by many businesses. With the announcement of ongoing lockdown restrictions, albeit with some slight relief, CIOs and business leaders are under huge pressure to ensure operational continuity. Many business owners have resisted home working options for a
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| Posted by Marleze Scheepers

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