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Automating your Document Management with Nimbus and GreatSoft
ProAdvice runs their Practice with Xero and Nimbus
4 GREAT Features for Automating your Document Management with Xero and Nimbus
Gold Group gives Thumbs Up for Nimbus

A case study with Gold Group Consulting, Gold Coast, Australia.   We sat down with Stephen Hodgkinson, Partner of Gold Group, to talk about their journey with Nimbus so far.

| Posted by Marleze Scheepers
Kintsugi - The Golden Veins Of Disruption

In Japan, the art form of Kintsugi recognises the beauty in broken things. Instead of throwing away the broken pieces of a treasured item, the skilled practitioner will painstakingly repair and restore, welding and gluing with precious metals, reinvigorating and reviving the object with a luminescence, making it worth more than it ever was.  

| Posted by Marleze Scheepers

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