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Digital Signing

How much are you paying for your Digital Signatures?

How much are your digital signatures costing your business?  With the myriad of apps available in the marketplace, it is easy to subscribe to one or many apps to make it easier for your Clients / Customers to digitally sign documents.

| Posted by Debby Gibson
Nimbus now integrates with Accelo
Automating your Document Management with Nimbus and GreatSoft

It’s been a little more than 2 years since GreatSoft first made an entry into the Australian market in 2018. A lot has happened since then we’ve seen Xero entering a partnership with GreatSoft and taking the Accounting market by storm

| Posted by Marleze Scheepers
ProAdvice runs their Practice with Xero and Nimbus
Gold Group gives Thumbs Up for Nimbus

A case study with Gold Group Consulting, Gold Coast, Australia.   We sat down with Stephen Hodgkinson, Partner of Gold Group, to talk about their journey with Nimbus so far.

| Posted by Marleze Scheepers

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