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Nimbus now integrates with Accelo

Nimbus now integrates with Accelo

Accelo is a world leading client work management system, specifically built for Service Businesses. If you are an existing Accelo customer ask for a Nimbus Professional product demonstration which will not only showcase  the Nimbus and Accelo integration, but also the rich functionality of a fully featured Cloud Document Management system with a secure integrated Client Portal.

What is Accelo?

Accelo is one of a new generation of startups that harnesses the power of the cloud to run a service business. By focusing on the professional service sector - accountants, architects, engineers, designers, consultants, MSPs and more - they make it possible for small businesses to not just catch up to, but overtake, the big boys - and for a fraction of the cost.

Accelo unites all the disparate systems you're currently using and goes a step further, giving you insight into the overall health of your company in real-time.   Accelo aims to help small and medium businesses automate the mundane aspects of the business, giving you back the time and resources to focus on billable work.

How does Accelo Integration Work in Nimbus?

Integrate with Accelo and any changes to your Client or Contact details made in Accelo, are synced to Nimbus with Contact to Client relationships automatically created and maintained.  

Custom field data stored in Accelo Client Profile fields, Categories and Client Progressions can also integrate through to your Nimbus account.

Nimbus Professional allows your business to store all Client and Business documents with industry leading Document Management capabilities, and provides secure sharing of documents with your Clients. Clients are then able to review, digitally sign and have documents automatically returned to the business via Nimbus.

Why pay additional subscriptions for Digital Signatures, Cloud storage, Client Portals, Bulk emailing or SMS notifications when this is all FREE and unlimited with a Nimbus Professional subscription?

What’s Next?

If you’re interested in using our Accelo integration for your business, we’d love to have a chat.

Please feel free to contact us here and tell us about your specific business needs.


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