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ATOmate Document Automation Integrates with Nimbus

ATOmate Document Automation Integrates with Nimbus

Good News! Nimbus now integrates with ATOmate. If you have an ATOmate account, you can instantly connect your Nimbus account. Integrating ATOmate's document automation systems with Nimbus creates a seamless experience to save the ATO documents into your Nimbus portal and share them with your clients. 

What is ATOmate?

ATOmate uses a unique document automation allows your practice to receive, process and send ATO documents. 

Say goodbye to the time-consuming and tedious task of processing ATO documents.
Our document automation solution automatically compares ATO documents to the estimation in your practice management system – before validating them, filing them and sending them onto the client. If there’s a discrepancy, the solution sends the notice of assessment straight to you, or your team, for further investigation and action.

ATOmate allows your practice to receive documents through post or a tax agent portal.
When receiving documents through post, ATOmate allows you to bulk scan documents into the system and will automatically process them. When receiving by tax agent portal, you can download and ATOmate will automatically process all ATO documents.

How does Nimbus work with ATOmate?

This integration allows you to easily connect an ATOMate account to Nimbus and automatically save Tax documents from the ATO to your Nimbus Cloud Document Management system.  

You can then view, share, or sign any of these documents.

ATOmate will identify the document type and use predefined mapping to save the ATO documents into the correct client folders in Nimbus.

From here, the documents can be published directly to the client, but often needs to be reviewed first.

Your practice will receive an email notification, letting you know there are new files ready to be reviewed in ATOmate. This will show in your dashboard until you take action. From here, you can either complete or escalate to a higher approver.

For an overview of how this integration works, check out the demo video below:


What’s Next?

If you’re interested in using this cloud document management system for your business, we’d love to have a chat! Please feel free to contact us here and tell us about your specific business needs.


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