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Are you under pressure from the ATO to securely share data?

Are you under pressure from the ATO to securely share data?


Are you still sharing documents with your Clients via email?

If you have answered Yes to either of these questions, it's time to look at what Nimbus can do for your business.  All Nimbus subscriptions include a Secure Client Portal, with Nimbus Basic as the entry level subscription.   Nimbus subscriptions include Basic, Business, Professional and Enterprise.

Nimbus Basic is a full function, integrated, Secure Client Portal that is so much more than just a file share app.  Nimbus Basic is designed to enable businesses to securely communicate and collaborate with their Clients, removing the need to email documents.

Nimbus Portal Solutions is the longest established Client Portal solution provider in Australia, with a proven track record of over 10 years with more than 275,000 satisfied customers in 181 countries.

What to look for in a Secure Client Portal

Every new software solution is never perfect for your needs.  When selecting a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution it’s no different.

Your job as the business expert is to make a list of critical functions and “nice to have” functionality.  

The perfect balance is a system that best provides you with workflows, security and functionality that is an improvement on your current system.  Easier said than done!

We have a lot of experience helping business owners migrate their documentation over to Nimbus Client Portal and these are the questions that we get asked most frequently.

  • Is it easy to use?  Book a demo and check out Nimbus for yourself.
  • Does it include digital signatures, or do I have to pay additionally for these? All Nimbus subscriptions include UNLIMITED digital signatures so that you don't have to subscribe to an additional digital signature app.
  • Scalable and adapts to your business needs.  You can start with Nimbus Basic and upgrade to either Nimbus Business, or Professional as you need more system features.  For more detail, see our Features page.
  • How good is the security? At Nimbus, we treat the security of your information as paramount and we implement worlds best practice for your protection.
  • Strong technical and admin support from the provider. Goes without saying – Nimbus gives ‘heroic’ support.
  • Are client logins and passwords self-managed?  With Nimbus, the answer is Yes.  You do not want your team members bogged down handling passwords for thousands of clients.
  • Is there a strong management interface?  Yes; with Nimbus, the system provides a staff user interface so that your team can easily view all Client information and documents.
  • What visibility does the system provide overall client documents and whether they have been opened and seen by the client?  Nimbus shows your team what the Client is actioning via their Client Portal.  Staff can see when a Client views,  signs or shares files with your business.  
  • Are there integration options available?   Nimbus offers various integration options allowing your business to cut down on multiple database maintenance.
  • Is there an upgrade path to grow my Business? Yes, Nimbus Basic can be upgraded to either Nimbus Business or Nimbus Professional at anytime.
  • What else does a Nimbus Portal do? Optionally your Portal can include; an Advertising channel, Newsletter archive, Smart checklists and ability to make Appointments between your staff and clients.

Secure and accessible anywhere, anytime, anyplace

As a certified Amazon Web Services Technology partner, Nimbus meets rigorous cybersecurity requirements and complies with the world’s most demanding electronic signature regulations. In addition, Nimbus is hosted securely on a single platform.  Depending on your particular jurisdiction, your document storage is located in your jurisdiction of Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Singapore or South Africa and not in an unknown jurisdiction overseas.

Contact us here for more information on Nimbus.

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