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Your Secure Client Portal

Your Nimbus subscription includes unlimited Secure Client Portals for ALL of your Clients.  Your Clients are provided access to their own secure login to view all documents and information you share with them.  They are also able to securely share information with your business.  

Communicate Better with your Clients

Provides 24/7 access to their own secure portal

Securely share files with your clients

Online editing, viewing and signing

Collaborate and have file conversations

Save your Business Significant Time

Create filtered client lists

Communicate in bulk by client type

Automatic document workflow

Send clients automated reminders

Everything in one Central Place

Client activity tracking

Digital document signing

Access to webform checklist

Virtual In-Tray providing to-do list

More Features and Benefits...

Automatically sync client & contact details with your Practice / CRM system

Unlimited clients & client portals

Mobile friendly

Drag-and-drop upload facility

Document checkout / check-in facility

Can link multiple contacts to one client entity

Can link one contact to multiple client entities

Multiple login profiles for the same email address

Invite clients to the portal by sending them a custom Welcome email

Invite additional contacts for specific client entities

Ability to retract documents once shared

Private folder security option

Read-only security option

Business-wide shared folder option

Business-wide portal branding and custom Client Home page

Publish custom adverts to clients

Embed client portal login link on your business website

Clients can maintain their own contact details in the portal

Nimbus uses the Common Document principle, so there are no multiple copies of the same document floating around causing conflicts and loss of work

What our clients have to say

“Nimbus has saved us time in printing and scanning, paper and postage. In has also increased the productivity of our team.”
Bongiorno Group

“The fact that Nimus integrates with Xero and automatically updates email addresses and client details has been a life-saver for us. From an administrative point of view, Nimbus saves us 70% of time. It is a huge cost saving!”
Monteck Carter

“Checklists at the beginning of each financial year was a huge expense with administration time, paper costs, editing of word documents and also having paper information to collate, file and/or scan into our system. Nimbus Webform Checklists have made this more efficient and cost-effective.”
Gilligan Sheppard

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