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Your Cloud Based Client Portal 

Your Nimbus subscription uses our secure client portal software which includes unlimited Secure Client Portals for ALL of your Clients. Our cloud based client portal allows your clients access to their own secure login to view documents and information you share with them while safely sharing information with your business.

Client Portal Software That Provides Superior Communication

Nimbus’ cloud based client portal establishes a secure and consistent connection between you and your clients. Our secure client portal software features keep everyone in the loop, improve efficiency, and creates a flexible teamwork environment.

Provides 24/7 access to their own secure portal – Staying up to date with the latest information helps save time which is why maintaining the ability to communicate freely is so important.

Securely share files with your clients – Our client portal software uses world leading features and optimal procedures for your protection and safekeeping.

Online editing, viewing and signing –  Revisions and signatures are streamlined and easy to implement.

Collaborate and have file conversations – Your team and clients can conveniently work together to keep their projects up to date.

Use a client document portal capable of guaranteeing safe dependable day to day communication by getting started with Nimbus. Request a demo today to learn more.

Client Portal Features that Save you Time

Efficiently manage work progress and streamline client lists with our cloud based client portal to save time and effort during your workday. Finding and communicating with clients is easy when using our secure client portal software to generate automatic notifications and organise accounts by type.

Create filtered client lists - Manage and coordinate with your clients easily.

Communicate in bulk by client type - Provide better customer service by easily choosing the perfect group of clients for a new campaign or product.

Automatic document workflow - Stay organised, lower the number of errors, and make it easy to retrieve your data.

Send clients automated reminders - Hassle free and dependable method of routinely communicating with your clients.

Cloud Based Client Portal Keeping Everything Centralised

Our client portal features everything you need at your fingertips while being easily accessible and always available, taking stress out of your workday. Having one central place for your documents makes it simple to track them and stay current with tasks.

Client activity tracking - Keep your clients happy and engaged by staying knowledgeable about their current projects and aware of their situation.

Digital document signing - Secure, convenient, and unlimited with a monthly subscription.

Access to webform checklist - Easily create the customized and professional looking forms you need.

Virtual In-Tray providing to-do list - Nimbus makes it uncomplicated to keep current with all your assignments, assign work as needed, or provide feedback to your team.

Stay centred on what is important by getting started with Nimbus today. Request a demo to learn more now.

More Client Portal Features and Benefits…

Nimbus’ cloud based client portal provides you with a comprehensive and uncomplicated document management system to make your business more efficient and profitable. Our client portal software uses cutting edge encryption technology and integrates with numerous software titles and apps while providing a diverse number of useful features:

Automatically sync client & contact details with your Practice / CRM system

Unlimited clients & client portals

Mobile friendly

Drag-and-drop upload facility

Document checkout / check-in facility

Can link multiple contacts to one client entity

Can link one contact to multiple client entities

Multiple login profiles for the same email address

Invite clients to the portal by sending them a custom Welcome email

Invite additional contacts for specific client entities

Ability to retract documents once shared

Private folder security option

Read-only security option

Business-wide shared folder option

Business-wide portal branding and custom Client Home page

Publish custom adverts to clients

Embed client portal login link on your business website

Clients can maintain their own contact details in the portal

Nimbus uses the Common Document principle, so there are no multiple copies of the same document floating around causing conflicts and loss of work

Get started with Nimbus today and find out more ways we can help your business oversee its documents by requesting a demo now.

What our clients have to say

“Nimbus has saved us time in printing and scanning, paper and postage. In has also increased the productivity of our team.”
Bongiorno Group

“The fact that Nimus integrates with Xero and automatically updates email addresses and client details has been a life-saver for us. From an administrative point of view, Nimbus saves us 70% of time. It is a huge cost saving!”
Monteck Carter

“Checklists at the beginning of each financial year was a huge expense with administration time, paper costs, editing of word documents and also having paper information to collate, file and/or scan into our system. Nimbus Webform Checklists have made this more efficient and cost-effective.”
Gilligan Sheppard

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