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The Common Document

Business owners and Accountants tell us their number one workflow problem is wasting time passing information from one software suite to another. It often involves copying or exporting a document and then signing into another program and uploading or pasting in the information. What a drudge!

Compare your current workflow and ask yourself…

Am I uploading and downloading between desktop and cloud? Am I using a dedicated PDF manipulator package? Am I asking my clients to use an overseas digital signing solution? Are there multiple copies of documents in different places? Am I using Email or file sharing software to pass documents to clients? Am I paying for more than one document handling product?

If the answer to any of these questions is “Yes”, then it is surely time to take a good look at Nimbus.

For simple, efficient workflow you need all four elements in one place working together seamlessly on a single shared document. So there is no clumsy transition between software packages.

For simple, efficient workflow the best way to work is to adopt the “Common Document” approach and avoid multiple software use.

There are four key elements of document workflow:

Every matter you handle passes through at least 3 of these elements. And many firms still have separate software solutions for each. If any one element is missing, your workflow suffers and productivity declines while time taken to execute the task increases.

Here’s an example of an Accounting firm:

A client sends a spreadsheet of their rental property accounts to you. You open, save and review it, do the summary calculations and input to their tax return. This is printed to a pdf and sent to the client to sign and return before you file with the tax department.

This process takes 4 separate pieces of software: Document storage, PDF printing and manipulation, a method for sending and receiving, and typically a Digital Signature signing app. This may involve uploads / downloads, multiple copies in different places and sending docs to overseas websites.

Source Spreadsheets & Documents


Client Communication

Digital Document Signing

Only a Cloud DM with all 4 elements delivers the productivity benefit of a single, fully-versioned, shared document in the cloud. The Common Document™ is your solution.

Nimbus delivers:

Powerful Cloud Document Management for all common document types

 Built-in PDF generation and manipulation

Client portal (client sign in to access shared documents with full version control)

Digital document signing

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