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Cloud Task Management

Nimbus’ cloud based document management system features task management software to help keep you productive and focused on important tasks. Our cloud task management is secure, efficient and encourages more collaboration between teams. Use our task managing tools to keep your projects, drafts and other important data online for easy access that prevents the need for files to be shared in multiple places across numerous platforms. Take advantage of the range of task management features included with a cloud DMS that integrates with Accelo, Microsoft Office 365, Account Kit, and many more popular software titles.

Choose Nimbus Portal Solutions as the cloud task management solution for your business or organisation. Get started today to find out how Nimbus Solutions cloud based DMS can improve your task management system, saving you time and improving the efficiency of your team members.

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Task Management Software Keeping You Focused

Our DMS makes staying on top of your tasks simple by providing task managing tools that automate workflow allowing your team to track projects comprehensively. Delegate tasks effortlessly and prevent projects from slowing down with our task management system.

In-Tray feature shows tasks needing completion to help prioritise workflow

View In-Trays of other team members

View In-Trays of other staff

Review team In-trays to manage projects better

Task Managing Tools to Track Email Communication Work

Additional task management features include the fully automated capability of sending documents to all pertinent clients or team members when the document needs approval. This streamlined process eliminates down time and helps keep projects moving forward.

Set auto-reminders for pending tasks

Follow the status of all email tasks via dashboard

Create once-off or recurring email job tasks

Image of laptop computer with Nimbus Portal Solutions website open | Featured image for Digital Signing Software - Digital Signature Software Feature Page
Image of laptop computer with Nimbus Portal Solutions website open | Featured image for Digital Signing Software - Digital Signature Software Feature Page

Cloud Task Management Forms and Checklists

Nimbus provides you with task management tools to create customised checklists for your clients so they can quickly see what has been accomplished. Create and send auto-reminders for pending tasks to ensure no work gets lost.

Easily request documents and other information

Use dashboard to track the status of every web form task

More Task Management Features and Benefits...

  Save your fully customisable dashboard views

  Efficiently and effectively search, filter, and sort tasks

  Staff/Team email job task approval workflow

Custom branding of web form checklists

What our clients have to say

“I had been looking for a filing system for some years and I saw Nimbus CDM (cloud document management). The more I looked at Nimbus the more I thought it was the right answer – the directory based system sitting in the cloud.”
CatsTax – Sydney

“I just used your email job function for the second time ever, it’s just awesome. Simple and quick, banged out an urgent email to all clients in one hit, and it looks professional.”
TABS Super Fund Auditors

“Oculus Group chose Nimbus because it has features which allow us to collaborate more effectively with our clients.”
Oculus Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Task Management Software Do?

Task management software helps organise and regulate your tasks, provides scheduling information, is used to track dependencies, resources and milestones, and can aid you in reprioritising work.

Why Would You Need a Team Task Management Tool?

They increase efficiency and effectiveness, collaboration, and communication. It gives clarity to what needs to be done and when it needs to be finished.

How Does Cloud Team Management Software Help You Achieve Your Goals?

  • Overall productivity is increased through a clear understanding of the most important tasks allowing you to focus on top priority projects
  • Communication improves providing clarity to instructions, client satisfaction, and company goals
  • Trends can be monitored providing support to positive tendencies and quickly correcting negative ones

What are Some of the Typical Features of a Task Management System?

Common features include: project/task scheduling and tracking, time tracking, billing, the ability to collaborate more effectively, task planning, generating project reports, and the capability to assign resources to teams and tasks.

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