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Document Security Features

At Nimbus we treat the security of your information as paramount.

Nimbus Implements the World's Best Document Security Features for Your Protection

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Nimbus is hosted and replicated across a multitude of secure, world class data centres that are locally hosted in each region, giving customers optimal confidence in the performance of our file protection system. All the transmission of file data and metadata occurs over encrypted channels (https) thanks to our file security software features that you won’t be able to experience anywhere else. The Nimbus support staff have no login access to business sites or client portals and are not able to view any user files, providing you with complete privacy. Each business site and their client portal have unique and private URLs. User files are only accessible by people who possess the appropriate logins to a valid URL, with self-managed unique logins providing complete privacy of your dedicated login details. Self managed unique logins ensure privacy of login details. Business web folders are not able to be browsed or searched via the standard web protocols thanks to our cutting edge file protection system and related features. Nimbus has committed to industry standards such as ISO 27001 and ISO 32000 to ensure our standards of security and document handling are independently endorsed and meet the most stringent standards for the control over our client’s confidential information. A Data Protection Officer (DPO) has been appointed to assist with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance in the EU, ensuring all customers that engage our data protection software features feel secure and safe.

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Nimbus Physical Security

Physical security aims to protect your data and service connectivity from physical threats such as power and hardware failure, equipment theft and natural disaster. Nimbus hosts your files using high performance, fault tolerant data protection system replicated across multiple, widely separated, world class data centres to ensure the best possible protection, designed to achieve a 99.9% up time. Access to the server floor in these data centres is strictly controlled and limited to data centre technicians holding electronic pass cards. Buildings are under 24 x 7 continuously monitored, internal and external video surveillance. Connectivity is assured at each data centre via multiple backbones to independent transit IP providers, using Border Gateway Protocol to determine best case routing. Live server replication over long distances, coupled with a third stage backup regimen, ensures that your data is protected against any form of natural disaster that could take out an individual data centre. In the unlikely event of a data centre going offline, hosting switches to an alternate data centre. With our file security software features, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data again.

About Self Managed Logins

Nimbus operates on a self-managed basis, which means that users are responsible for their own logins and passwords. This saves businesses time as they don't have to maintain an array of client logins. Nimbus Technology staff don't get involved in maintaining login information either, ensuring login privacy is assured for both the business and clients. When it comes to passwords, our data protection system stores information internally with a very strong encryption algorithm, which means they can never be recovered and can only be reset.

User Access Security

User Access Security relates to the data protection system and controls over business and client login, along with privacy. Each business hosted by Nimbus has a unique high precision identifier. This is used to encode the URLs for the business site and the client portal. This way, employees and clients can't share login codes. They are all unique within each business account. Unique client login prevents people from accidentally accessing other clients' files. Nimbus handles loss of passwords using the industry best practice approach – an email with a password reset link is automatically sent, after having first verified the email address for login code being used. The password reset link is a onetime usage link that has a strictly limited usable lifetime. Nimbus offers data protection software features such as two factor authentication for operations such as password reset and also takes steps to prevent use of password guessing programs.

Nimbus Electronic Security

Our document security features aim to protect your data and privacy from being compromised by unauthorized electronic intrusion, or inadvertent exposure to either data centre and support staff, or other Nimbus customers. Nimbus servers are secured behind industry leading secure firewalls and locked down to only the secure protocol used to communicate with Nimbus. There is no FTP access to Nimbus hosts, no publisher services enabled, no directory browsing through standard web protocols, no user or guest account access to the server OS, and data centre staff have no electronic access to the servers. Nimbus servers use a secure protocol to communicate with users. This prevents data taps, eavesdropping, and data siphoning between user and Nimbus host. As an extra safeguard, firewalls, routers, and switches within the data centre are monitored electronically for abnormal activity. The Nimbus host mail servers implement industry standard file security software features that works as a blacklist with spam supplier detection and avoidance. Our features do not support an HTML mail client and relay all incoming mail to specified external mail addresses only. Our servers are continuously monitored with several levels of error and activity logging, including SMS and email alerts to the Nimbus support staff.

Simple to use, Safe and very Secure

All business and client files hosted on Nimbus servers are encrypted with a sophisticated state-of-the-art algorithm, uniquely keyed to each business account, thus uploaded files are not readable by Nimbus support staff, nor would be readable to other Businesses or any other persons gaining authorized or unauthorized access at the server directory level.

About Nimbus Data Centres

Nimbus data centres and hosting providers are chosen for their inherently robust locations, each meeting exacting Tier 3 specifications including multiple redundant independent power supplies, redundant air filtration and cooling systems, rack mounted equipment to ISO standards, with elevated flooring and sophisticated fire detection and suppression systems. Nimbus uses Amazon Web Services for hosting Nimbus, providing completely secure and future-forward file security software features.

Nimbus has the following AWS data centre locations:
Australia (AUS, NZ and Pacific Islands), Singapore UK, USA, Canada.

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