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Cloud Based Email Management

Nimbus will significantly improve how you manage and send documents in your business with its cloud based Email management features. Using our email management systems will save you time and centralise your communication network. Optimise and streamline the email management tools in your organisation with Nimbus’ cloud based document management.

Select Nimbus as the cloud document management software solution for your business or organisation. Get started now, or book a demo today to learn more about how Nimbus Portal Solutions can help you improve your cloud based email management, saving you time and increasing the effectiveness of your communication.

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Nimbus’ email management systems offer you a way to
untangle, simplify and streamline electronic correspondence
in your business,
request a demo today to learn more or
get started now.

Centralise Your Email Management Systems

Nimbus provides cloud email management that is easy to use, makes internal communication readily available anywhere and remarkably secure.

Use Nimbus’ cloud email management as your communication hub

Email management software that lets you create and manage email templates

An effortless email management system to send emails to staff and clients

Eliminate unsecured email attachments

Cloud Based Email Management Saving You Time

Nimbus’ email management tools can help your business reduce downtime, updates easily, and cuts out the necessity of attachments which can be unsafe. Save time and money by eliminating the need of onsite servers with our email management system.

Create custom mailing lists

Send bulk or individual emails

Easily track all communication

Send automatic follow-up emails

Cut down on inefficiency in the office, use Nimbus as your cloud based email management solution. Get started now! For general inquiries or questions about specific services contact us online today to learn more.

Image of notebook computer with Nimbus Portal Solutions | Featured image for Cloud Based Email Management - Cloud Email Management Software Tools

You do not have to give up the email management software
you are already familiar with and know how to use to take
advantage of the features built into Nimbus.

Book a demo today and find out how well Nimbus integrates
with Microsoft Outlook to improve email messaging in your
business, or simply
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Microsoft Outlook Integration

When not using Nimbus’ cloud email management system, use Outlook for all other emails. All Outlook emails, incoming and outgoing, as well as attachments can be safely saved to Nimbus. Documents stored on our cloud based email management service are easily linked to and convenient to access. .

For all other emails, use the Outlook add-in - Nimbus integrates directly with Microsoft Outlook via an add-in, allowing you to continue working with the email management software you are already used to.

Save Outlook emails and attachments to Nimbus - store files in one secure place and never lose an attachment or an email again.  Unlike with Outlook alone, saving e-mails to Nimbus gives you full visibility over all the stored e-mails, including the e-mails of your staff.

For both incoming and outgoing emails - improve both your internal and external communication workflows by saving copies of outgoing emails and incoming emails to Nimbus.

Link to stored documents in the cloud - linking directly to the Nimbus cloud storage allows you to easily share files and documents.

More Features and Benefits...

Custom branding of email stationery - you do not have to sacrifice the unique look and feel of your emails or your brand for convenience.

Dashboard-style view to easily track the status of emails - easily keep track of messages that require action from your staff or your clients. 

Ability to see if someone has viewed an email - confirm whether recipients are opening and reading the messages that require their attention and even receive automated notifications when clients submit responses to queries.

Forward-schedule email send-outs - set-up emails to automatically send on specific dates.

Set up recurring email jobs - set up repeating workflows for common e-mail tasks once and never worry about them again moving forward.

Embed secure encrypted document links - securely share files and documents stored in the Nimbus cloud over an encrypted connection for improved security of sensitive information.

Use mail merge fields to auto-populate client details - prefill known and commonly reused information once and never have to worry about manually inputting it again in the future.

Send out bulk email jobs in a matter of seconds - send mail to multiple recipients wholesale with just a few clicks.

Customise and save multiple dashboard views - organise your view exactly the way you like to work in a way that is convenient for you.

Powerful search, filtering and sorting functions - never again lose a contact, email, document or an attachment thanks to comprehensive search included in Nimbus.

Staff / Team email job approval workflow - define exactly who should sign off on what jobs so that no job is completed without all the required levels of approval.

What our clients have to say

Read what our clients have to say about how cloud based email management
with Nimbus has helped to improve their businesses.

“I had been looking for a filing system for some years and I saw Nimbus CDM (cloud document management). The more I looked at Nimbus the more I thought it was the right answer – the directory based system sitting in the cloud.”
CatsTax – Sydney

“I just used your email job function for the second time ever, it’s just awesome. Simple and quick, banged out an urgent email to all clients in one hit, and it looks professional.”
TABS Super Fund Auditors

“Oculus Group chose Nimbus because it has features which allow us to collaborate more effectively with our clients.”
Oculus Group

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does Email Management Include?

Nimbus’ email management system coordinates and stores the emails generated and received by your business to boost productivity and reduce inefficiency.

What Is Cloud Email Management?

The systematic process of overseeing and managing emails within your business or organisation using on off-site service.

What is an Email Management Tool?

These are tools to help sort, create, and manage the emails produced and received by your team.

What Are the Various Features Used to Manage Email?

Nimbus’ system includes a range of features some of which include being able to auto-fill client details, monitor the status of your email, tools that let you sort, filter, and search email, and attaching signatures.

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