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How much are you paying for your Digital Signatures?

How much are you paying for your Digital Signatures?

With work from home now considered the norm, businesses are restructuring their internal work flow processes to ensure that it is "business as usual", no matter where staff are located.  Gone are the days where documents which require signing, are printed and posted via snail mail, where staff then wait for the signed documents to return.

Many businesses now use Cloud based apps that send digital PDF documents to the Client / Customer and request the document to be signed, with the signed document then returning automatically to the business.  Some businesses actually use a couple of different digital signature apps, depending on the requirement.

With the never ending quest to reduce operating costs, the question then needs to be asked; how much are digital signatures costing your business? Depending on the signature app(s) you use, you may be paying per signature, or per email sent, or maybe by the number of staff who can access the app.  Some suppliers bundle their pricing so that you have to purchase a number of signatures up front, though be careful as bundles often have a use by date and will expire if unused.

Why use Nimbus Digital Signatures?

We all love to save costs where ever we can.  With Nimbus, you don't need to subscribe and pay for another Digital Signature app, as all Nimbus plans (Professional, Business or Basic) include free UNLIMITED Digital Signatures.  

Here’s what Nimbus’s Digital Signature solution offers you:

  • Both staff and clients can sign PDF documents
  • Allows more than one person to sign with an automated signature workflow
  • Staff able to track signatures via one dashboard
  • Automated email reminders for unsigned documents
  • Signed documents are kept in the one system

How does the Nimbus Digital Signature process work? 

With Nimbus Professional or Business, you can create a document from scratch based on a document template, or upload an existing document from your local drive (all Nimbus plans). The file can be a PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Email file. Once the file is saved in Nimbus, the file can easily be converted into a PDF document (Nimbus Professional or Business), ready to send for signature.

There are no limitations for the number of signatures required, staff can add contact-specific signature placeholders, with dates if necessary, and annotate where signing is required.

Clients are able to easily to set up their digital signature in a matter of seconds, thanks to the smart signature setup wizard within Nimbus. For each signatory, the system will automatically guide them to their own set of signature blocks, though it is possible for the signee, to select to sign ALL signature blocks at once.  

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Did you also know that Nimbus is mobile-friendly and documents can be viewed and signed on any smart device, how great is that!

The Client does not need to install any software (or download an App for their mobile phone) and will receive an email with a secure link. This secure URL link will allow the user to log in with their details and sign the document. Once the document is fully signed by all required, the document will be automatically returned to the business, and the staff will be notified of this.

For your staff, the Dashboard and In-Tray make moving documents electronically between staff members a breeze.

Furthermore, reminder emails can be set up to automatically alert clients of documents still to be signed, there is no need to phone up people to remind them (Nimbus Professional is required). This will in turn save you a few hours in your week that you can use to work on more items on your to-do list!

In these current unpredictable times, the demand for cloud-based solutions has grown exponentially worldwide. When documents can be signed legally, from anywhere, within a minute or two, the productivity benefits far outweigh the cost.

Nimbus offers an affordable monthly subscription model with no hidden costs.
Our goal is to help you get to your “yes” quicker while making the process of sending and signing documents convenient, legal, and safe.

If you would like to see these and other great time-saving features in action, sign up for a demo below and let us show you how Nimbus can boost your productivity with a saving of at least 6 Hours per Employee per Week

Secure and accessible anywhere, anytime, anyplace

As a certified Amazon Web Services Technology partner, Nimbus meets rigorous cybersecurity requirements and complies with the world’s most demanding electronic signature regulations. In addition, Nimbus is hosted securely on a single platform.  Depending on your particular jurisdiction, your document storage is located in your jurisdiction of Australia, USA, UK, Singapore or South Africa and not in an unknown jurisdiction overseas.

Contact us here for more information on Nimbus.

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