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Automating your Document Management with Nimbus and GreatSoft

Automating your Document Management with Nimbus and GreatSoft

It’s been a little more than 2 years since GreatSoft first made an entry into the Australian market in 2018.

Although GreatSoft is known as the “new kid on the block” in Australia,
the solution is used by over 1000 medium and large accounting firms in 19 countries, including three of the ‘Big Four’ in Africa, and has been playing in this space for 25 years. 

Nimbus has enjoyed a long relationship with GreatSoft in South Africa and as a consequence, is a well established integration partner with the platform in many of these firms. 

With GreatSoft now enabling firms in Australia and New Zealand to become the architect of their own cloud platforms, Nimbus is of course, a natural first choice for Cloud Document Management.  

GreatSoft addresses the gap that exists in the market for a scalable, integrated cloud practice management solution that meets the needs of progressive accounting firms and gives practices the freedom and flexibility to choose best in class cloud applications for each of their business lines.  

We couldn't be more excited to see a number of larger firms in Australia, now taking advantage of the Nimbus - GreatSoft combination, delivering a superior professional productivity suite to these practices.

How Nimbus CDM integrates with GreatSoft Cloud

For a tightly integrated Cloud Document Management system with Secure Client Portal with GreatSoft Cloud, Nimbus is the answer.

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The integration brings the following benefits:

  • Edit your client or contact details once, sync everywhere.
  • Client and Contact relationships are automatically created and maintained.
  • Client sub-folders are automatically created according to GreatSoft service lines.
  • Automatically push documents from GreatSoft into Nimbus.
  • Securely share documents with your clients from Nimbus.
  • Allow clients to sign and have documents automatically returned to the business via Nimbus.
  • Keep track of all client interaction and correspondence.

  • Access documents from Nimbus seamlessly from within GreatSoft Cloud.

Some of the features GreatSoft has to offer:

  • A single 360-degree view of the client.
  • The Firm can choose where its data is hosted – AWS, Azure, self-hosted or on premises.
  • A scalable system providing the flexibility and functionality required by medium to large firms.
  • Fully Cloud-based – nothing to download, nothing to install.
  • Designed to meet the needs of growing multi-partner, multi-office, multi-entity and multi-service line firms.
  • Performs as a data aggregation and integration platform, providing a consistent and holistic view of the practice and clients.
  • Powerful and flexible reporting across divisions, entities and service lines as well as additional reporting capability through Microsoft’s Power BI tool.
  • Fully customised conversion and implementation.

  • A deep integration with Nimbus.


What’s Next?

If you are planning on implementing either Nimbus or GreatSoft in the near future, please reach out to us for a chat! Contact us here for more information or you can call us on 1800 646 287 for more on the Nimbus Cloud Portal integration with GreatSoft. For more information on Greatsoft CRM, visit their website at

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