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How It Works

Integrate with Accelo and any changes to your Client or Contact details made in Accelo, are updated in Nimbus automatically Contact to Client relationships are automatically setup and maintained.  Custom field data stored in Client Profile fields, Categories and Client Progressions will also sync with your Nimbus account,  Securely share documents with your Clients from Nimbus Allow Clients to sign and have documents automatically returned to the business via Nimbus

Integrate Nimbus with Accelo and securely share, edit and sign documents with your Clients in the Cloud. Add on Nimbus CDM for a full featured Cloud Document Management system.

Nimbus automatically synchronises your Client and Contact details directly from Accelo to your Nimbus account, saving you time and eliminating manual double-entry.  

Create and store documents for your Clients in Nimbus Cloud Document Management and then share with your Clients via the Nimbus Secure Client Portal.

Client and Contact details and relationships, together with Client Profile fields, Categories and Client Progressions are automatically synced from Accelo into Nimbus, making Accelo your single point of maintenance.

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