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Custom Theme Setup

About our service:

This service is designed for any of our 3 Nimbus Accounts: Basic, Business or Professional.  A number of standard themes are available for selection through your Nimbus Account, though you may find that none of these standards match your corporate branding.

A Nimbus Consultant will work with you to build your custom theme. They will provide you with a login to a Demonstration account (so as not to affect your live account) and you will be able to track the development of your Custom theme.

You will need to provide PMS colours (or Red, Green, Blue; OR Hex codes) outlining your Primary and Secondary colours. You will also be asked to provide business logos to include in your Nimbus account.


This service is carried out over a number of days. Based on the detail provided a Nimbus Consultant will build your Custom theme and provide you with a login to a Demonstration Nimbus Account, which uses your Custom theme. You will be able to provide feedback, and request changes before your theme is finalized. Once finalized, the theme is applied to your Nimbus Live account.

Items included

Creation of your Custom Theme. Temporary login to a Demonstration Nimbus Account to check your theme. Finalisation of Custom theme and apply to live Nimbus Account.

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