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Database Integration Installation & Configuration Service

About our service:

This service is designed for Nimbus Professional accounts where integration with a CRM or Practice Management System is required.

Nimbus AutoMate is used to integrate your Nimbus account with a CRM or Practice Management System (PMS). This software is installed locally on your system where your CRM / PMS is located. If your CRM / PMS is stored in the Cloud, AutoMate is only installed locally if you require Folder / File synchronization from the Nimbus Cloud to your local file system.


This service is carried out with the assistance of your IT Support provider. As there may be more than one party involved (your Business, your IT Support provider and a Nimbus consultant) this process may take a number of days to complete, though only one hour of service time is charged.

Items included

Creation of Windows User Account (AutoMate runs under). Installation and configuration of Nimbus AutoMate. Syncing Database Clients and Contact details to Nimbus. Syncing Folder and Files from Nimbus to local folder store (optional).

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