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Secure Client Portal for Accountants

A time saving cloud document management system, and a secure client portal for accountants, accounting industry professionals and their clients. If you are looking for client portals for accountants, give Nimbus a try today.

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Full Featured Accounting Document Management Software

Your accounting practice runs on time and time is what your teams use to start, work through and complete their projects. Take advantage of Nimbus, a full featured secure client portal for accountants with comprehensive accounting document management software features and more.


Nimbus’ accounting document management software features will save your practice significant time. Our document management system for accountants can free up to at least 6 hours per employee, per week. Here is how:

Create custom workflows and track client activity – our client portal for accountants is fully prepared to help you stay on top of all your tasks by equipping you with a virtual in-tray for documents to action, giving you a facility to easily delegate work to other staff and review the in-trays of your other team members.

  • Stay on top of your work with a virtual in-tray.
  • Define automatic document workflows.
  • Create automatic notifications and reminders.
  • Assign and delegate tasks to other staff and check their progress.

Collaborate on documents with your team and clients – go beyond internal collaboration by taking advantage of the unique benefits offered by modern secure portals for accountants. Nimbus will help you to better communicate and work with your clients, repeatedly saving your practice significant time by creating a unified digital communication and collaboration hub.

  • Create one-off and repeating e-mail job tasks.
  • Create e-mail job task approval workflows.
  • Set-up automatic e-mail follow-ups.
  • Link to documents securely stored in the cloud.

Easily track and follow-up on documents and online checklists and never again lose track of what work still needs to be completed or which documents still need to be signed and when.

  • Create custom online checklists for your clients.
  • Track the progress of web form tasks with an easy-to-use dashboard.
  • Set-up automatic reminders for pending and outstanding tasks.
  • Easily request additional documents and further information as needed.

Manage e-mails and eliminate the need for e-mail attachments by keeping all your electronic correspondence in one, unified and secure communication hub for your practice.

  • Create and manage e-mail templates.
  • Create custom mailing lists.
  • Send individual or mass e-mails to your staff and clients.
  • Eliminate unsecured e-mail attachments completely.
  • Easily keep track of all communication.

Nimbus is an industry leader amongst secure portals for accountants. Give your accounting practice an edge by getting started today or book a demo to learn more about how our system can help you improve your work processes, document handling and client communication.

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