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Nimbus Portal Solutions – a cloud document management system with integrated
secure client portal and digital signatures perfect for Business Owners.

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Cutting Edge Business Consulting Software

Nimbus Portal Solutions offers a new-age, cutting edge software management system boasting integrated and secure client portals and numerous features to make doing business convenient. Our systems give you a solution that essentially replaces web apps and procedures that otherwise demand double-handling or extra time that you can’t afford to lose. If you’re searching for business consulting software but you’re not sure where to start, contact Nimbus today.


Ready to get started? Check out our cutting edge cloud document management system today to see how Nimbus is going to transform the way your business performs.

A Comprehensive Business Consulting Software Solution to Keep Your Company Running Effectively

We understand that your business runs on a specific time schedule, and as consultants, you’re constantly filing and trying to manage information as securely as possible. With our software for business consultants, you will now be able to better file, save, and manage data and information quickly and securely in the one place.

Not only does this make your businesses processes more effective, but it becomes a lot more accessible to others in the workplace. Shifting your business to Nimbus Portal Solutions will save your business an abundance of time that you will finally be able to allocate to more important delegations.

Explore the Consulting Business Management Software with Nimbus Portal Solutions

Our dedicated and specifically designed consulting business management software will help your business to:

Share Document And Process With Your Staff And Clients Securely - Nimbus is dedicated to ensuring optimal data security with the world’s best practices and data security software’s. We implement both physical and electronic measures according to ISO 27001 (Information Security Management) standards as well as 32000 that ensures document management in order for you to maintain control over it all!

Sign And Track Signatures In A Digital Form – All In One Place – The Nimbus digital signature software is a great tool for all your document signing needs. It allows you to register multiple signatures on any given piece of paper, making it easier than ever before so that even clients can sign PDFs.

Track Your Clients Activity And Create Customised Workflows – With the help of Nimbus and our consulting business management software, stay on top of your tasks and projects with a wide range of tools such as an in-tray for actionable documents or delegating work to other staff members. Reviewing team inboxes will allow everyone involved within one project access so they are able to make changes without needing someone else to verify every little detail first!

Collaborate With Your Team And Clients - The Nimbus software for business consultants will help you communicate with your clients effectively, regularly saving you more time and keeping everything in one place. You are now able to give them access to their own secure file sharing account that they're able to edit online or even sign documents without ever having an appointment!

Track And Follow-Up On Documentation And Online-Checklists Like Never Before – We know how important it is to have all your business documentation and communication trails in one place, so we've created a business consulting software system that will allow you and everyone else within the company to have access without needing any physical media. It's hassle-free because everything stays right where employees can find them.

Eliminate The Need For Email Attachments With The All New Email Management System – The Nimbus email management software is an integrated communication hub for your business. Create custom mailing lists, send mass emails or individual ones to clients and staff in bulk with ease using our powerful Bulk Email tool - no need ever worry about unsecure attachments again!

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If you’ve been searching for a completely streamlined and specially designed software for business consultants, we’re proud to inform you that you’ve come to the right place. It’s time to completely elevate the way your business operates, bringing accessibility and convenience right to your fingertips. 

Book a demo and experience the world of Nimbus Portal Solutions today or head to our website and immediately sign up to get started.

Nimbus – A Cloud Based Document Management System That Integrates With

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Client Testimonials

Read what other businesses have to say about Nimbus cloud DMS.

“We found that Nimbus has significantly more features than our previous document system. I would highly recommend Nimbus if you are looking for a cloud based solution.”

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Gold Group Consulting

“What we love about Nimbus is the visibility it gives us over our

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“Oculus Group chose Nimbus because it has features which allow us to collaborate more effectively with our clients.”

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Oculus Group

More Reasons to Use Nimbus Cloud DMS

Here’s how our cloud based document system works for the benefit of your business

Market-leading Cloud Document Management

Choose Nimbus Professional for market-leading document management. Nimbus cloud DMS includes features such as: document versioning, auto archiving, online editing, PDF generation, one-click publishing, and document workflows integrated with your standard Microsoft Office apps.

Bank Grade Security

Securely hosted in regional data centres with all data transmitted over encrypted channels and all files stored using state-of-the-art encryption technology. Your confidential client information is kept securely and stays confidential.

Powerful Client communication

Communicating with your clients better, equals better business overall. Nimbus provides a toolset that will transform the way you communicate and collaborate with your clients, taking your business to the next level.

Single Integrated Solution

Nimbus – a comprehensive, cloud based DMS – gives you a single integrated solution that effectively replaces up to half a dozen standalone commonly used web apps. With Nimbus, you only have one system to manage and keep up to date.

Save Time and Money

Control your external workflow and save on photocopying, printing, postage and handling costs, by leveraging Nimbus facilities to interact instantly, securely, and professionally.

What can Nimbus do for YOUR Business?

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