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How Oculus Financial Services Group Benefits from using Nimbus

How Oculus Financial Services Group Benefits from using Nimbus

A case study of Oculus Financial Services Group, Gold Coast, Australia

The Organisation

Oculus Financial Services Group is a Chartered Accounting firm based in the Gold Coast, Australia, providing Tax and Accounting compliance services.

Having used Nimbus since 2017, we sat down with Tim O’Hara, the Practice Manager at Oculus Group, to have a chat about their journey and experience with Nimbus so far.




Our change to cloud software was forced onto Oculus by one of our software providers discontinuing support.  We first implemented Xero Practice Manager and then needed an online document management option that integrated with Xero PM.


I’ve been with Oculus 2 years and when I arrived, the Practice did all their work on desktop with little electronic communication with clients.  We have gradually moved to cloud-based software since that time, with Nimbus Portal being the most recent addition.


After doing some research we happily chose Nimbus because it has a whole lot of features that allow us to collaborate more effectively with our clients. We can now do things online which makes it easier for clients to get information to us, including using digital signatures. Nimbus is a complete package.


The Implementation


Software implementation, especially for document management, is always a big job.  Overall I thought this was easier than previous experiences. It has worked out well thanks to the Nimbus team. I have to know everything and harassed them with a barrage of questions!  They put up with my constant calls, which is very nice of them.


All my questions have been answered and Nimbus has taken on feedback for future enhancements. Now things have settled down and there are just a couple of minor issues to work through.


Benefits from the Solution

We started using Nimbus cloud document management in November 2017 and migrated the documents from our existing system in February.  We are already seeing efficiency gains in the business, particularly in the administration area.


We are able to get information out to clients quickly and efficiently, and with that our printing and postage costs have reduced.


We are now working on our online questionnaires which will add a whole new level of efficiency for both us and our clients.


I’d heartily recommend other Practice Managers who read this to look at Nimbus for their own firm.


          Oculus Group chose Nimbus because it has features that allow us to collaborate more effectively           with our clients. – Tim O’Hara, Practice Manager

Optimise Collaboration and Efficiency with Nimbus

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Updated 15/11/2022


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