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Avoiding Email Attachment Hell with Nimbus

Avoiding Email Attachment Hell with Nimbus

Check your inbox – how many emails do you have with attachments? It is likely that most of them are part of the same email trail. Because of that managing email attachments can be a chore, but email attachment management can also be simplified and made easier with the right tools such as cloud based email management with Nimbus.


It’s a fact that email is the most popular method of exchanging information, however it comes fraught with many problems.

The Problem with Email and Email Attachment Management

The problem with email is that without any organised email attachment management policy, we often end up with multiple copies or versions of attachments. In addition, email is also becoming a less secure place of exchanging confidential information. Once you send an email with an attachment, it’s gone. You have no control over what happens next. Managing email attachments in a modern organisation requires more control that is typically possible.


Earlier this year, the OIAC in Australia published its annual statistics on data breach notifications, since the NDB scheme has been implemented on 22nd Feb 2018. 


The results are somewhat startling.


35% of breaches (338) have been attributed to human error.  60% of breaches was attributed to malicious or criminal attack (579) and 5% due to system fault.


Data breach source breakdown graph | Featured image for 'managing email attachments' blog.


With the largest number of these breaches coming from phishing and compromised or stolen credentials. Mainly due to the unsecure nature of email.




Second to that, was personal information sent to the wrong recipient. In other words, an email with an attachment that was sent to the wrong person.




14% (134) of breaches from all 964 breaches reported, came from the Finance sector and 10% (98) from Legal and Accounting services.




Types of information ranges from ID and contact information to Financial details.




The report shows overall that with the NDB in place there has been a whopping 712% increase in notifications since last year.


How can firms safeguard themselves against potential data breaches while improving their email attachment management practices?


The answer is by moving to a collaboration platform that not only encapsulates your data with an additional layer of security, but also improves workflow by collaborating in teams and delivering a better client experience.


Nimbus Cloud Document Management and Client Portal provides a solution for firms to both avoid email attachment hell and streamline workflow.


Contact our team here for a free consultation on how Nimubs can help you with managing email attachments and more, or click here to request a demo.


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