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Improving Customer Communication to Do Better Business

Improving Customer Communication to Do Better Business

By leveraging effective customer communication you will do better business.

How often have you ended up feeling thankful for the prompt response of a trusted friend or advisor when you needed it most? Likewise, it is important for your clients to know that they can rely on you, especially when times are tough. This article discusses a couple of ways you can improve your professional communication with clients and consequently engagement. Continue reading to learn more about good client communication.

4 Tips for Good Communication with Customers

1. Become the first person they think of when they need help

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Become the preferred service provider your client thinks of when they need a specific job done.

My lawyer already knows that when I have a property to buy or sell, they will be my attorney of choice – just because of their excellent and efficient service and effective communication with customers like me. The same goes for your Accountant, Doctor, Plumber, and many other services you may need.

You already have someone top-of-mind who you will be contacting when you need something done, most likely someone who you already know and have been dealing with in the past. This is precisely why it is so important to have good communication with customers.


For the best way to communication with clients, focus on building a trust relationship that continues beyond the current need. 

This will instill the message: “If you need help with anything in the future, please let us know. We will be right here for you.

The snowball-effect of this approach will be that they will not only come back to you for business in the future but also refer all of their friends. 

2. Integrate positive and pro-active messages


Integrate positive and pro-active messages around your client communication that remind them of your service.


The best experience I’ve had was while I was collecting quotes for a certain project. Even though I’ve already chosen a certain supplier, another business kept on showing up and asking: “How are you going with your order? Did you have a successful outcome with your supplier? We are right here to help you if you are not satisfied.”

They even went as far as producing the exact sample that I needed in order to win my business. Needless to say, I was impressed with their tenacity and ability to deliver.


Be consistent in your client communication and try to weave in success stories where possible. People love reading about real experiences of others which had a successful outcome, as it helps them relate to your business.

3. Use the right client communication methods to provide the best experience


Getting the right message across can sometimes be challenging. Although email is a useful tool, it can be one of the worst ways to communicate. If you want to build a real relationship, one should not simply rely on email to communicate with your clients. People only look at their email when they have time and tend to glance over it.


Where possible, try to get some voice or face time with your clients. A phone or video call will reveal tone of voice and body language, and help create a better context.

Where 7% of communication is made up of spoken words, 38% accounts for tone of voice and 55% accounts for body language.

You will understand their unique situation and requirements better, and might even identify a few other opportunities where you can help.


While not everyone might appreciate a video call, a voice call would be appreciated by most.

Hosting a webinar is another way to engage with your clients. However, try to keep the group sessions small and intimate (ideally a maximum of 10 people at a time) for the best interaction and experience.

4. Using Nimbus as a Client Engagement tool


Digital client communication forms an integral part of the modern-day business, and having the right tools will help you leverage interaction with your clients.


Nimbus is a digital platform that provides 24/7 self-service access for clients to their own secure portal. Clients are able to log in to their portal to access their files without having to hassle the business. 

It can be used in various ways to leverage communication and points of engagement. For example:


1. Having a link to your client portal software embedded on your company website. Clients may already be familiar with your website and would be able to easily locate and log in to their portal.


2. Customising the portal Home page. Important information, alerts or links can be added on the Home page so that when clients log in, this will be the first information they see.


3. Sharing of information. When sharing information with your clients, and when clients share personal information with your firm, Nimbus ensures this happens in a secure manner. Once a document is shared, it can be viewed securely online and also digitally signed. You and your client can collaborate in real-time by having a conversation on a particular document.


4. Automated alerts. For any staff and client-related activities, an automated notification will be sent out via email and SMS. For example, if a document was sent for signing, the client will automatically be notified – staff won’t need to do anything as the system does it for them.


5. A shared folder can be set up for the business to publish any general documents to their clients via the portal. For example, Newsletters or other business communications. a file saved in this repository is visible and available to all clients.


6. The In-Tray view in the Client Portal provides a virtual to-do list of documents that either need to be viewed or signed, or where a new message has been published as part of a file conversation.


We hope that this article on improving customer communication adds to or at least supports your existing communication strategy. Because if you can communicate better with your clients, you will do better business.


If you would like to learn more about how Nimbus email management software & digital signing software can help with improving customer communication or any of our other great time-saving features, sign up for a demo below and let us show you how Nimbus can boost your productivity with a saving of at least 6 Hours per Employee per Week. For more information get in touch with us online or send our Cloud document management systems team an email on to get started today! 



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