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Effective Email Management with Nimbus Email Jobs

Effective Email Management with Nimbus Email Jobs

When it comes to effective email management & collecting information from clients, you want this process to be as painless and secure as possible.

Because, information not collected on time, equals a follow-up phone call or email later on… and for 20 clients, that means 20 calls! The pressure starts building as the deadline approaches. AND you need to track all of this information somewhere.

Or, it happens that you need to bang out an urgent email notice to all your clients. How long will this take you?

If your answer is anything longer than “10 minutes”, you might want to pay attention to some of the great features in our email management software explained below.

How Nimbus Can Help with Effective Email Management

Email jobs in Nimbus have many advantages. Let’s have a look at a couple of popular use cases:

1. Document Signature

2. Webform Checklists

3. Email Reminders

4. Recurring Emails

5. Newsletters

6. Tracking of information

1. Document Signature

Sally Hansen needs a lease agreement signed by all the directors of one of her corporate clients. All the directors are added as contacts in Nimbus for that particular client.

The lease agreement document was created and converted to PDF in Nimbus and she also added 3 signature blocks for the 3 directors to sign. Sally can now create the email job, attach the lease agreement for signature and send it off to all contacts at once. Using merge fields to automatically populate the details of the directors in the email.




Each of the directors will be able to log in to their portal from the secure email link to sign the document. Bearing in mind there is no downloading or uploading of the document taking place – everything happens in Nimbus’ Cloud Document Management System..




Once the document has been signed by all 3 directors, it will be returned to the practice and Sally will be notified.

2. Webform Checklists

Sally collects Tax information from each of her Tax clients on an annual basis. She does this by using the webform checklist feature, combined with email jobs.

Every year she makes minor adjustments to the Tax questionnaire webform template to keep it up to date.

She creates an email job by selecting it from her email templates and “Click!”… sends this off to all her tax clients. Easy as pie.

Her clients can now log in to the checklist in their web browser to answer the questions and attach the necessary files.




They can also save their information and come back to complete it at a later stage. This completely eliminates the need, and the risk, for non-secure email attachments.

Whenever a webform checklist has been submitted, she will get a notification and the contents of the webform can be viewed.  If Sally plans to go on leave, she can at any time redirect the notifications to be sent to one of her colleagues. 

3. Email Reminders

In addition to the tax questionnaire email sent out, Sally has also added an email reminder in the Follow-up Email tab.

So, when a client does not complete the checklist by a given date, she has scheduled the email reminder to be sent out every week, until the checklist is submitted.




This feature will save her a good number of phone calls and manual reminder emails! 

4. Recurring Emails

Sally also uses the same method for sending out her quarterly BAS questionnaires.

But, because the BAS information is collected on a routinely basis, she has set the Recurring Job option to automatically send the emails out on the same time every quarter.



5. Newsletters

Sally uses Nimbus to send out her monthly Newsletters, as well as ad-hoc bulk email communication to keep in touch with her clients.

She has set up a branded newsletter template which she can pull up in an instant when an email needs to be sent. She can also choose to target a certain segment of her clients, based on the contact type. For example, Tax contacts can be selected to send out tax-related information.

At the rate of 7 emails per second, Sally will have sent out her newsletter to her entire customer base of 3,000 contacts, in only 7 minutes!


6. Tracking of information

In all the examples used above, Sally will use the Email Jobs Dashboard to track if:

  • Emails has been sent, viewed, or failed.
  • Documents have been signed.
  • Webform checklists have been opened, started or completed.

This gives Sally better visibility to “zone in” only on those few problem clients and give them a friendly call.




Once a task has been completed, the Task Status will be updated to “Complete”.

Nimbus Email jobs make life easier. Now that Sally has created more time for herself, she can serve her clients better.

Interested to Learn More?

If you would like to learn more about how our email management software & digital signing software can help with effective email management within your business; Sign up for a demo to active Nimbus Email Jobs functionality for your business. For more information get in touch with us online or send our team an email on to get started today!


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