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Nimbus Workflow for Notifications

Nimbus Workflow for Notifications

Prioritising your work using Nimbus CDM

When you get into the office in the morning, everyone needs to think through their priorities for the day.  As Stephen J Covey says in his 7 Habits of Highly Effective People book, you need to identify and separate the “urgent” and the “important” tasks.

Nimbus recommends that you deal with notifications first.  Inside Nimbus CDM, every user has an intray and through the workflow process of Nimbus CDM, when a document is marked for attention of someone else – to review it or to approve it, a notification automatically is sent to them.  

When that person logs in and views their in tray – they get a view of documents waiting for their attention.  They can see what they need to do (whether it’s review or approval).  Then they can look at each document and decide what the next step is to do with that document.

The status of the document is then changed to handle this next step.  

Action First things first

Do this notification check first when you log in to Nimbus in the morning.

We also recommend that you check your notifications again during the working day in order to stay up to date with any changes that colleagues have notified to you during the working day.

Your Nimbus in tray can also be set up to send automatic notifications by email if you’re out and about on a client site.  You can get SMS or email advice notices to say you need to do something with a document.  Helpful, eh?

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