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Personalising Your Client Experience with Nimbus

Personalising Your Client Experience with Nimbus

Every successful firm focuses intently on their customer’s success. If your customers are successful, your firm will also be successful. They develop a strong loyalty to your product and brand, and successful customers become your best product ambassadors.

Through customisation and personalisation, your product or service can enhance your customer’s success and drive revenue through upsells.

Jason Lemkin, VC and founder of SaaStr, says, “Customer success is where 90% of the revenue is.”

One of the best ways to make your customers feel “right at home” with your business is to personalise their experience. That is why Nimbus gives you full control over this function.

This article discusses a couple of practical ways how you can do this in Nimbus.


1. Branding your Client Portal


One of the standard features in Nimbus is the ability to brand and style your Client Portal.


Choose your own Colour Theme to match the branding of your business.

There are multiple themes to choose from in the Customise menu, and custom colour schemes can also be created.




The Logo and Banners on your site can be changed to your desire.

For example, the banner shown below consists of two image files being uploaded, giving it a professional touch:






Custom Adverts can be added to rotate in the top bar with a “slideshow” effect.

The custom Ads can be accessed and uploaded with ease in the Admin area.

An URL can be linked to the Ad image, directing the person to the relevant webpage when they click on the Ad – which will create more business opportunities.



Make your Home Page stand out.

The Home page is highly customisable, and personalised, useful information can be added for your customers.

For instance, to remind them of important Tax due dates.

The built-in Page Editor can be used to easily update your home page:




Examples of useful content you could add to your Home page:

  • Client testimonials and success stories
  • Business case studies
  • Latest blog articles on your website
  • Important dates or compliance due dates
  • Links to authority websites and calculators
  • Images relevant to your business and staff
  • Promotions you are running or training you offer


As illustrated below, the highlighted elements in Nimbus are extremely flexible and can be tailored to match your business brand:



2. Spruce up your Email Stationery


Another powerful way to personalise your messaging to customers is to templatise your Email Stationery.




Your email header, footer and body can be changed to suit your branding with the Email Stationery editor:




Once your email template is set up, send out personalised and professional looking emails in bulk with the use of mail-merge fields:




In Conclusion


Your product must become a virtual customer success representative. For this to happen, your customer experience must be personalised, which often requires a lot of hard work.

Nimbus can help make this process easier through customisation. Visit or speak to us on how we can help you personalise the way you communicate with your customers.

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