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The Benefits and Risks of SaaS

The Benefits and Risks of SaaS

Benefits of SaaS… a Wealth of Advantages

Software as a Service, also known as SaaS, has dramatically changed the landscape for both software vendors and end users. From an app that you download onto your mobile device, to multi-tiered systems used by large corporations, SaaS made significant inroads and the playing field has been levelled in a big way. Where businesses were previously required to buy and maintain their own IT infrastructures, SaaS provides them with an alternative. Now they can plug in and subscribe to services built on shared infrastructure via the internet. Here are some of the benefits of SaaS as provided by Nimbus, which customers can expect when taking advantage of our SaaS solution:

Faster Deployment

The setup time for deploying the service is reduced as the software is pre-installed and configured is one of the key benefits of SaaS. A new instance is provisioned in the cloud and in a couple of minutes or hours, the application is ready to use. If space becomes a problem, a new server is simply commissioned.

Less Financial Risk

Because there are no infrastructure setup costs involved, there is a reduced need for on-premises resources – all IT infrastructure is managed and maintained by the SaaS provider.

Most SaaS applications are subscription based. This means customers only have to pay for what they use and can scale up or down as they need. Revenue and costs also become more predictable as a result of this pricing model which is another one of the key benefits of SaaS.


Apart from the scalability for usage-based pricing (for both vendor and customer), the service can be scaled to suit their requirements.

Modules can be added or removed to match internal processes. Some vendors, like Nimbus, also provide an API to integrate the system with other applications.

Automated Upgrades and Backups

Another one of the key benefits of SaaS is that, because the SaaS provider manages the upgrades, there are no updates to download or install.

A good service provider will also have a fail-over and backup plan in place, in case something goes off track.

Both the upgrade and backup routine are normally included as part of the subscription fee.

Online Support

Self-service portals on SaaS applications are becoming increasingly popular, providing a self-help facility for support, renewals or cancellations.

Potential to Reach New Customers

Because SaaS applications can be accessed on any device, whether it be a browser-based or a native app, it is available to a global audience. This holds potential to enter other markets and reach new customers.

What are the Risks?

Trusting a SaaS Provider

The SaaS solution you are using will only be as good as the provider. It is therefore crucial to find the right SaaS provider to deliver the services you need. This risk can be mitigated by doing some homework, for example, looking at the provider’s track record, their presence and credibility in the market, and contacting a few referrals.

Legal and Regulatory Concerns

To obtain assurance on any legal or regulatory concerns, the provider’s service level agreement should be read and understood. The impact of the jurisdictional environment in which your business is operating in, should also be considered. Take some time to understand their Privacy Policy – how they process your information and steps taken to secure it.

In Conclusion

Due to these core advantages of SaaS, choosing the software as a service route will in most cases result in a win-win relationship – for saving time, cutting costs, and ensuring operational efficiency.

After all, an internet connection is all the infrastructure you need to take advantage of the benefits of SaaS.

Nimbus provides a secure and reliable way of managing and sharing your documents in the cloud, and can be scaled to suit your business. Taking care of all the ‘heavy-lifting’ while you concentrate on more important things. Choose Nimbus as your cloud document management system.

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