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Catherine Price, Tabs Superfund Auditors uses Nimbus

Catherine Price, Tabs Superfund Auditors uses Nimbus

tabs A case study of Tabs Super Fund Auditors, Sydney, Australia


The Organisation


Catherine Price is the owner of TABS Super Fund Auditors, a Sydney-based firm specialising in super fund audits and has been a Nimbus customer since 2014.


TABS Super Fund Auditors operate a modern distributed team of remote workers. This requires excellent collaboration and workflow monitoring because the business is deadline-driven. Plus due to the sensitive nature of super fund audit workpapers, secure document storage is very important


Catherine’s Experience with Using Nimbus


Catherine explains that Nimbus is very important to their business and their clients because it’s Australian based and easy to use:

“We like that they store everything in servers based in Australia. Security is key for us and if clients have an Aussie alternative they will stick with it. I’m getting a lot of positive feedback lately with new clients about Nimbus Portal. They all love how easy it is to use and the fact that everything is stored within Australia. That’s a massive selling point for me.”


“From my own business perspective, I found the Email Job function phenomenal. Simple and quick, banged out an urgent email to all clients in one hit! And it looks professional. Exactly what I need in a busy, deadline-driven business.”


Workflow Improvements


Nimbus’ capability of integrating with other software, has enabled TABs to make two significant improvements to their workflow:


1) Upgrading to Cloud Document Management allowed TABs to set up detailed workflow implementations which are invaluable as the team are rarely in the same office at the same time; and


2) Integrating with Asana project management software allows automatic creation of tasks that are visible to all team members and facilitates visual progress monitoring.

As Catherine says, “It’s just awesome and the support from Nimbus staff is timely, friendly and amazing”.

Nimbus Help Improve Efficiency and Effectiveness

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