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Are you paying too much for your Digital Signatures?

Are you paying too much for your Digital Signatures?

Are you paying too much for your digital signing software? We were recently blown away to discover that a well-known digital signing solution provider has doubled their price. And the more documents you sign, the more you pay, driving your digital signature cost up and up…


Wow! So why pay anything at all when you don’t have to?

You can save on your digital signature cost! How would you like to get Unlimited Signatures, with Unlimited Document Storage and Unlimited Client Portals for all your clients – for the same or even less?

Here’s what Nimbus’s Digital Signing solution offers you:



Nimbus customers prefer a single solution, rather than using many different apps, for the following reasons:


  • To tighten integration with their CRM or Practice Management system. 


  • Have the ability for more than one person to sign with an automated signature workflow.


  • Have the ability to track signatures via one dashboard.


  • Sending follow-up emails and reminders to follow up on outstanding signatures.


  • Their signed documents are kept in the same system. 


Now has never been a better time to look at Nimbus – the only complete and fully integrated Document Management + Digital Signing + Client Workflow solution – Accessible anywhere, anytime, anyplace.


Pay only monthly subscription with no lock-in contracts.


Better still!  Because this is all hosted securely in Australia, USA, UK or South Africa (depending on your particular jurisdiction), on a single common platform. You have no uploads or downloads to mess about with, and no document storage overseas in some unknown jurisdiction.


If you would like to see these and other great time-saving features in action, sign up for a demo below and let us show you how Nimbus can help you save on your digital signature cost and boost your productivity with at least 6 Hours per Employee per Week. 



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