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Electronic Signatures to Empower a Remote Workforce

Electronic Signatures to Empower a Remote Workforce

In the long-forgotten pre-Covid world, digital signing software enabled remote document signing and Cloud Document Management solutions were considered a “nice to have” by many businesses.

With the announcement of ongoing lockdown restrictions, albeit with some slight relief, CIOs and business leaders are under huge pressure to ensure operational continuity.

Many business owners have resisted home working options for a long time, but the current crisis might well have proven to them that it can in fact work.


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As a result, businesses are now changing the rules in their workplace to adapt – impacting teamwork, productivity, and collaboration. 

Managers now need to agree on new rules of engagement with their team members and clients to support these changes.


New Rules, New Requirements


As teams are continuing to work remotely, the biggest need is for effective solutions that can be implemented and utilised immediately.

Together with this need, security considerations are of paramount importance – especially when it comes to remote document signing.

Nimbus Portal Solutions has developed a Cloud Document Management (CDM) system with Digital Signature solution, offering businesses access to unlimited eSignatures for themselves and their customers, within the necessary legal parameters and incorporating advanced security features.


As a certified Amazon Web Services Technology partner, Nimbus meets rigorous cybersecurity requirements and complies with the world’s most demanding electronic signature regulations.


Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime


Nimbus allows you to either create a document from scratch based on a document template, or to upload an existing document. This can be a PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or Email file.

Once it is saved in Nimbus the file can easily be converted into a PDF document, ready to send for signature.


With no limitations to the number of signatures required, staff can add contact-specific signature placeholders and annotate where signing is required.


An electronic Signature is set up in a matter of seconds with the smart signature setup wizard. For each signatory, the system will automatically guide them to their own set of signature blocks.




Nimbus is mobile-friendly and documents can be viewed and signed on any smart device.

Conveniently, the signee does not need to install any software, and will simply receive an email with a secure link, allowing them to log in with their details and sign. Once fully signed, the document will be automatically returned to the business, and staff will be notified.


The Dashboard and features like staff In-Trays make moving documents electronically between staff a breeze.

Reminder Emails can be set up to automatically alert signees of documents still to be signed, saving them the time and hassle of phoning up customers to remind them. Saving you a few hours in your week that you can use to work on more exciting things!




In these unprecedented times, demand for cloud solutions like these has grown exponentially across the board.

When documents can be signed legally, from anywhere, within a minute or two, the productivity benefits far outweigh the cost.

Nimbus Remote Document Signing as a Way of Empowering Your Remote Workforce

Nimbus offers an affordable monthly subscription model with no hidden costs. Our goal is to help you get to your “yes” quicker while making the process of sending and signing documents convenient, legal, and safe.

If you would like to see these and other great time-saving features in action, sign up for a demo below and let us show you how Nimbus can boost your productivity with a saving of at least 6 Hours per Employee per Week. 



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