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Benefits of Digital Signatures | Is The Pen Mightier Than The Pixel?

Benefits of Digital Signatures | Is The Pen Mightier Than The Pixel?

Have you ever wondered how secure your personal information is that you send over email? Statistics show that more than 95% of all emails are still unencrypted, and email malware creation is up 26% year over year. Email was simply not designed with any privacy or security in mind. Yet large financial institutions are still relying on email to transfer sensitive client information.

At Nimbus, we believe that keeping your personal data secure is as important as protecting your money in the bank.

A great way of protecting both your firm’s and clients’ information, is using a Cloud Document Management Portal with Digital Document Signing (DDS) functionality, like Nimbus.

The pen certainly has its advantages, but here are all the benefits of digital signatures and their impact of the future of businesss

Benefits of Digital Signatures

Save Time. The average time to get a paper contract signed is measured in days, whereas the average time to get an electronic document signed using Nimbus is measured in minutes. Integrate this with your internal workflow, and you are looking at a timesaving of at least 20%.

Cut Costs. More than just buying paper, you also save on costs (and time) of printing, scanning, and delivery costs – making it an environmentally friendly solution at the same time.

Enhance Customer Relationships. Making it convenient for your clients to do business with you is a big plus. Forrester Research predicts that by 2020, the majority of e-signature transactions will occur on mobile devices. Keeping up with technological trends is essential to streamline your business and customer experience.

Tracking progress. Nimbus makes it easy to track your documents in your online dashboard, giving an accurate status of whether the document has been received, viewed, or signed. Another great way of enhancing customer relationships, is to be able to follow up on documents that are still left unsigned for a period of time.

Below is a typical example of an email job that has been sent to a client for signature:


In the dashboard, the Task Status indicates that the document has not yet been signed:


Enhanced Document Security. Here comes the good part! Digital Signatures, when combined with strong user authentication, is impossible to forge. Signatories can authenticate their identity and authorise their signature using PINs and contains a trusted timestamp. The unique identifying “fingerprint” then remains permanently embedded within a document.

Nimbus also provides end-to-end encryption on all documents, where both the sender and the receiver of the document has a unique key to “unlock” the document. This eliminates the opportunity for hackers to intercept information.

Compliance with Data Protection Regulations. The recent enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by the European Union on 25 May 2018, has led to widespread action of both European and non-European businesses to comply with these standards.

One of the key principles highlighted, with GDPR and others, e.g. the Australian Privacy Act, NDB and POPI, is that technological protections such as secure encryption of personal data should be used. Massive penalties can be imposed on businesses that do not comply with these standards.

Benefits of Digital Signatures – Straight from Nimbus

What makes Nimbus so special, when compared to other DDS products on the market?
Digital Document Signing has been part of the Nimbus solution for a couple of years already. However, we are continuously improving on this. Here are just a few nifty features that we have added to make your life simpler:

Three Ways to Sign

To make it easy for our clients, there are three ways to sign a document in Nimbus:


1. Upload an image file – a scanned image can be used or photo taken with your mobile phone. Once uploaded, the background of the image will automatically be set to “transparent” for ease of use.

2. Using script text – a handwriting style font is used to represent your name. Clients tell us that they particularly like this option as it’s convenient to use and looks great.

3. Using a system stamp – a system stamp is automatically generated showing the signatories unique ID.

Signature Wizard
When signing a document for the first time, the Signature Wizard will guide you on setting up your signature in only a few seconds.

Banner image featuring Welcome to Nimbus Digital Signing  Signature Wizard example

Multiple Signatories
Official documents often need more than one person to sign and so the multiple signatories option allows you to forward the document to other signatories.

PDF Manipulator
The PDF Manipulator allows you to manage your PDF documents with ease and includes utilities like:

    • Adding Signature Blocks to PDF, for both Business and Client, which forces the signature to be placed in exactly the right spot.


  • Save to PDF – which allows Word and Excel docs to be converted to PDF for signature and are automatically saved in Nimbus.
  • Document Templates can be set up with mail merge fields and signature blocks, which populates these details from the database when saved to PDF.
  • Appending and re-ordering PDF pages – easily append your PDF document with additional pages, and drag and drop your pages in the correct order


Signing Off

Taking into account the rapid development of the Digital revolution over the past few years, the Pixel might very well become mightier than the Pen in near future. But more importantly, it is prudent to take action and safeguard yourself against a growing population of phishers and spoofers… better safe than sorry!

No matter which country, jurisdiction, or industry you are in – speak to us about how we can help you see the benefits of digital signatures for your business. Get in touch with the Nimbus Portal Solutions cloud portal team by reaching out to or you can Get Started today!

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