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Nimbus V3 Enhancements (Non-CDM)

Nimbus V3 Enhancements (Non-CDM)

View the latest features on Nimbus Portal V3 – for non-CDM users.

Nimbus Portal V3 User Interface

  1. Changes to allow a larger content area and improve usability
  2. Low profile footer bar throughout
  3. Low profile header bar in document viewer and editors
  4. Manual and Auto modes for Hide / Show of left hand menu bar (Auto mode is an Employee and Portal Login option)
  5. Animation for Toolbar icons to only show icon text on mouse over
  6. All icons used for Toolbar functions in both the Business and Client Portal user interface have been replaced with a modern two-tone themed icon set
    Current login name displayed above menu option
  7. Wider dialogues for Login and Password Set / Reset to support longer input fields (both Business and Client Portal)
  8. Auto Logout from previous session feature when switching workstations or devices
  9. Access to custom Views (in Clients, Contacts and Email Jobs menu options) have been moved from the small combo box at the bottom right of the grids, to the Toolbar title area at the left hand end of the Toolbar.
  10. Save View option moved from the bottom right of a grid to become part of the View manipulation dialog that is opened by clicking on the View name in the Toolbar (as shown above).
  11. Updated Help detail in the Business Portal
  12. A new “Training” menu option available, which gives access to Training video clips for both Business and Client (video library to be fully developed over time)
  13. Document Viewer enhanced with capability to view spreadsheets (manipulation Nimbus Portal V3 Enhancements.docx Page 2 of 4 and edit requires CDM).

Digital Signatures

  1. Option of changing the Nimbus Stamp to show the Contacts name in script font

Webform Checklists

  1. New checklist command SIGN. Allows a checklist recipient to sign the returned checklist simply by clicking a checkbox. Nimbus attaches the recipients’ signature and current date to the PDF version of the webform, which is also digitally signed.
  2. Multi-file uploader is now implemented for the FILE checklist command, allowing the checklist recipient to more easily upload multiple files
  3. Ability to track Contacts who have signed a document. Business is notified when all signatures are received on a document, otherwise, the task is outstanding.
  4. Ability to send a bulk email job and elect to only send one email to each email address (unique email address).
  5. Ability to send an email job to all Contacts related to the Client Entity.
  6. Ability to send an email job to either all or selected Contacts related to the Client
    Entity (Contacts enabled mode required).

Nimbus Portal V3 Integration

  1. Integration now also available with XeroPM, WorkflowMax, iManage and CCH iFirm.

Nimbus Portal V3 Admin

  1. Ability to view (and pay) Nimbus invoices via Admin -> Business tab.
  2. Ability to create and update account details including payment & autopay, via Admin->Business tab “My Account” button. Please note that we will be transitioning all customers to the Nimbus payment gateway from other forms of auto payment (Ezypay, Direct Paypal, EFT) by June 30 2017.
  3. Recipient unsubscribe events from Email Jobs added to Client history
  4. Ability to redirect all Employee email notifications to another staff member, set via new field in Admin –> Employee details –> Access tab

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