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4 GREAT Features for Automating your Document Management with Xero and Nimbus

4 GREAT Features for Automating your Document Management with Xero and Nimbus

With XERO's ever-increasing popularity as a CRM and practice management system, as a XERO App Partner, we understand just how important the automation between different business systems and processes can be.  

Nimbus integrates with XERO Practice Manager (XPM), WorkflowMax and XERO SME
– so whether you are a Practice Manager or Small Business Owner, here are four great ways you can leverage the integration with XERO to take your business to the next level.

1. Automated Client & Contact Maintenance

If you have ever tried to maintain two separate client databases, you will know this can turn into a nightmare. However, with Nimbus, everything is taken care of.  

All changes to Clients, Contacts and Contact relationships (newly created, updated or archived) are automatically updated via a one-way synchronisation from XERO to Nimbus. 


When a new client or contact is created in XERO, the new details are automatically created and added to Nimbus.  

In addition, a predefined subfolder structure will be created for all new clients added. This can also be defined per entity type. For example, if your Corporate clients have a different folder structure from your Individual clients, this will all be created automatically.

Updating your subfolder structure across all your clients is just as easy to manage. For example, adding a new sub-folder for a new financial year for all your clients is done in a matter of seconds.

Updating of client details takes place almost instantaneously, and changes for archiving of clients in Xero are updated accordingly in Nimbus.

2. Auto-population of Client Details in Documents

Save yourself heaps of time when creating client documents, by using the merge field functionality in Nimbus. Whether you use a document template or create a document from scratch, merge fields can be added to auto-populate the client and primary-contact details. And because these details come straight from XERO, you know they are always correct and up to date.  

Popular merge fields are the client name, contact first name and surname, address, ABN/ACN number, as well as custom fields that can be added for storing useful information (see no. 3 below).

Convert the document to PDF with a click of a button, and publish the professional-looking document directly to the Client Portal with one more click.  


3. Custom Fields Grouping and Filtering

Do not underestimate the power of Custom Fields – this feature can be a life saver! Especially if you need to get a bulk email out to a certain group of people. This will allow you to do it in a matter of seconds.  

Xero allows you to tag clients with custom fields, which essentially allows you to group them together in categories, e.g. flagging them with tags such as BAS or Jobkeeper, or Superannuation, or any other tags that might be useful.  

These custom field values are then synchronised with Nimbus, and become particularly useful when filtering for a specific group of your clients, when doing a search, or when sending out client communication.  

Simply add the custom field to your Client view, or add it as a filter. Filter on the group of clients you would like to include in your newsletter, and send out your email straight from the Client dashboard.


4. Automated Emailing

Automated emailing is a great way to help you manage and take control of your external workflow.

Based on a filtered client group, 2 types of automated emails can be set up in Nimbus when sending out communication.

Follow-up emails
can be set up to send automated reminders for unsigned documents or unsubmitted webform checklists, or any other communication that in general requires a response.


Recurring emails
can be set up for communication or checklists that need to be sent on a recurring basis. E.g. BAS or Superannuation Questionnaires.


Nimbus is all about helping you save time and communicate better with your clients.   

If you would like to see a demonstration of these features in action, click here to schedule your product demo.  For more information on how XERO integrates with the Nimbus Cloud Based DMS, click here to visit our XERO integration page.


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