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What’s the cost of time wasting at work?

What’s the cost of time wasting at work?

Repetitive time wasting at work lowers efficiency and profitability.

Professional businesses tell us their number one workflow problem is wasting time passing information from one software product to another.  It often involves copying or exporting a document and then signing into another program to work on it, or uploading an downloading to another website.

What a drudge!

The cost in human time, of wasted effort in repetitive non-automated tasks is obvious.

As a professional business you know the productivity value of saving $ on the bottom line.  Eliminating wasted time is an easy way to direct human capital towards a better investment return.  Less time spent on passing information between software applications means more time spent towards billable hours for clients.

For efficient document workflow, the best way to work is to adopt a “Common Document” solution that avoids multiple software usage.

There are four key elements of typical workflow that we all use:

  1. Spreadsheets & Documents
  2. PDF publishing
  3. Passing documents to/ from clients
  4. Document signing

Nearly everything we handle passes through at least 3 of these elements.  And many firms have separate software solutions for each. Here’s an example:

Client sends a spreadsheet of their rental property accounts to an accountant.  She opens and reviews it, does the summary calculations and inputs to their tax return.  This is printed to a pdf and sent to the client to sign and return before she files with the Tax office.

This process may take 4 separate pieces of software, e.g., Excel spreadsheets, Adobe PDF printing, Email sending/receiving, and an electronic signature sign and return process.

The Nimbus Common Document is your solution to Time Wasting at Work!

By using and sharing a single fully versioned document in the cloud, our cloud based document management system delivers simple, efficient workflows by putting all four elements together in one place.  So there’s no clumsy transition between software packages. No uploading or downloading and no passing documents to some overseas digital signing service.

Nimbus includes:

  1. True Document Management (for all types of documents)
  2. PDF generation and manipulation
  3. Client portal (desktop & mobile, to view and sign shared documents)
  4. Digital document signing

Only a cloud product that offers all four elements can deliver the Common Document workflow advantage!

If any one part of the common document software suite is missing, your workflow suffers and productivity declines while time taken to execute the task increases.

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