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Winning with Document and Email Templates in Nimbus

Winning with Document and Email Templates in Nimbus

The morning light slots through your office window. Birds are chirping, you’re happily sipping away at your mocha while planning your day. You’ve been working hard the past three weeks to get your client database up to date. Now onto the next task – doing debtor follow-ups.

“Now, where is that brilliant payment demand letter I emailed off the other day? If I can just find and copy that, update the client details… Oh no, my Outlook deleted it… again, aarghhh!”


Life can be hard sometimes, especially if you don’t have a system in place to automate your document and email templates and keep track of all your client communications.

With Nimbus, this can be set up in a jiffy and make your life a whole lot easier. Let’s look at how this works.


1. Document Templates

Your favourite MS Word or Excel doc templates can be uploaded in the Document templates area.




And now for the secret ingredient… Merge fields! Merge fields can be added to replace any client or contact related fields in the document. Be it a name, address, or salutation. Take a look at this engagement letter for example.

Use the Online Editor in Nimbus to pick your merge fields from a list and voila! Your template is ready to be put to good use.




When the document is converted to PDF, the merge fields will auto-populate with the client or staff details.



Standardised templates can be made available across your firm and maintained as needed.


Ramping this up a level further, your Email templates is yet another arrow in your quiver.


2. Email Templates

In your business, you might have different types of emails you send on a routinely or ad-hoc basis. But this usually results in a copy and paste exercise in Outlook.

Email templates will remove the pain and change the way you communicate with your clients.

An arsenal of Email templates can be built up, ready to pull out at the very instant you need it.



Similar to Document templates, your email template can be customised with merge fields to populate client and contact details, personalising their experience.




Email stationery can also be changed to match your company branding and add a professional look. Read more about Customising your Client Experience here.


To your discretion, you can further spice up this email with webform checklists, auto email reminders and digital signatures. As a bonus you can fully track and trace all client communication that went out. More about this here in our previous blog on Email Jobs.

Bye-bye copy and paste in Outlook, and email attachments. Hello document workflow and security!


“Now, where is that brilliant payment demand letter I emailed off the other day? If I can just find that in Nimbus… Oh here it is in my templates! Select Client, create Email job, click Send. Done. Yaaaay!”


Click here to see a full product demonstration of Nimbus Professional


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